My Goals for 2013 as a Pet Portrait Artist

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I look forward to the future and what 2013 has in store. This past year was a learning experience. I found out that I just want to focus 100% of my efforts into pet portraits. So I closed my business making dog clothing. It was fun but art is my real passion. I want to make sure I am giving the time and care into my portraits that my clients deserve.

Here are some of the changes I am making this year:

  • I will publish a blog post every Wednesday
  • I will send out an e-mail newsletter once a month
  • I will now offer more sizes
  • I will offer acrylic paintings in addition to graphite and watercolor
  • I will make doing pet portraits and art my full time job

Thank you for your continuing support. I can’t wait to get started on making this the best year yet!

Updates (1/16/13):

Now that I am implementing my new plans, I believe I will be able to write a blog post at least twice a week and send out a newsletter twice a month. I may change things as I go along this year but for now I think that is my goal.