Our Tiny House

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tiny house framing

My tiny house is part of my long term goals as an artist. I am simplifying my life and keeping my living expenses low so I can pursue my art full time. My husband is a full time photographer: Chris Golden Photography. So with both of us being self-employed, the tiny house just seemed like the perfect fit for us. It is mortgage free and we’re paying for everything in cash.

tiny house front with door

tiny house gable ends

It all started last Summer (2012) when we bought an older camper. Over the period of a few months we demolished the camper and harvested the trailer from it. Then in November we began framing the house.  Luckily for us, my father-in-law is a carpenter and he already had all the tools we needed.  He helped us a lot with building our house. The tiny house is 8′ wide and 20′ long. If you are interested in looking at our progress or find out more, please visit my Tumblr: The Golden Tiny House.

I am planning to build a small (10′ x 10′)  art studio close to our house. We are building on my in-laws property in North Georgia. It is a fairly rural area but we are still close by to major cities like Atlanta. We will still have all the amenities of home like a shower, kitchen, and internet. It has a sleeping loft and a storage loft. We are hoping to move in by April.

Pet portrait artist, Melinda, with her English Bull Terrier named Cypress
Melinda and Cypress in the tiny house

And of course we’ll be living with my English Bull Terrier named Cypress. She is happy as long as she has a soft bed and a full bowl of food.

Feel free to ask any questions or make a comment. This is the very short explanation of things so I encourage you to read more on our Tumblr.