Why I Am a Pet Portrait Artist

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Pet Portrait Artist

I decided to answer a simple but important question, what made me want to be a pet portrait artist? I believe my inspiration came from a little dog named Cypress. My husband and I adopted her in 2008 and since then she has been our baby. Bull Terriers are one of the funniest and most unique dogs. To some people they make look a little weird, but to me they are adorable. All she wants is to snuggle with you and a belly rub. Dogs are wonderful: unconditional love, always happy to see you, don’t care how you look or what kind of car you drive, and no matter what will be there when you need a friend! 

Like many people, I have always loved animals. I was constantly drawing horses as I was growing up. Their beauty, strength, and grace is inspiring. They still are one of my favorite subjects. After college in 2011, I decided that I would focus on doing pet portraits. Around Christmas time I received a few orders and then it slowly began growing from there. I quickly realized that I had found something I greatly enjoyed and could earn an income on. 

I have learned to not be afraid to follow your dreams. You might have to make sacrifices and put off instant gratification, but in the end it will be worth it. You only have one life so you should be spending your time doing something you love. I knew that becoming an artist wasn’t going to be easy and that I might not be rich. But to me being happy is more important that anything money can buy. But with hard work comes the rewards and I believe that I can be successful.