Pug Acrylic Painting

Pug acrylic painting on birch

Pug, 9″ x 12″ acrylic on birch

I am beginning a new series of dog breed paintings. I hope to cover many of the popular dog breeds and prints will be available for purchase. My first painting is of the lovable pug. It is painted in acrylic on birch plywood. I decided to keep the wood grain as the background. I sprayed the panel with a clear, matte primer before painting. You can take a look at the progress photos below:

Mongrels Mania Anniversary Party

My husband and I went to the Mongrels Mania 5th Year Anniversary party last Sunday and it was a lot of fun! I really enjoy meeting new people and dogs. They are a meet up group that does dog walks around the Atlanta area. It was held at the Happy Trails Pet Center. They do doggy daycare and boarding. They have a great facility and the owners are very nice. And they have two bull terriers!

Custom Painted English Bull Terrier Figurine

Custom painted brindle English Bull Terrier figurine

A client requested that I paint this figurine to look like their English Bull Terrier named Lily. I gladly accepted the challenge even though this is not what I usually do. I used acrylic paint for this brindle bully and will varnish it for protection. The figurine is made by Border Fine Arts Studio. It is made using the process of cold casting, which is a white body similar to bisque fired ceramic and it allows the figurines to be hand painted. Don’t be afraid to ask me to paint an unusual item.

Cobb County Bully Breed Walk

Cobb Count Bully Breed Walk February 2013

Chris and Melinda Golden with Cypress (in the red coat)

Part of being a pet portrait artist is being involved in the community. Creating art is typically a solitary activity so being able to get out and meet new people and dogs is wonderful. I have an English Bull Terrier named Cypress (like Spuds MacKenzie or the Target dog). I found out about the Bully Breed Walk through Stubby’s Heroes, a group of Pit Bull advocates.

Bull Terrier Portrait in Watercolor

Bull Terrier portrait in watercolor

Miles, 9″ x 12″ in watercolor

Last October I had the honor of doing the trophies for the Miniature Bull Terrier Club of America Nationals. I offered several different portraits for the winners. Finally I have been able to catch up on things after a busy Christmas season. Remember, I am also building a house with my husband in my spare time while I work on portraits and help him with photography. I am glad that it is finished!

Top 10 Dog Blogs

Dachshund reading an iPad

Photo via Dogs in Duds

Dog lovers, fire up your e-readers and iPads, it’s time for my list of favorite dog blogs!

Donations to Local Animal Rescues

Adoptable dog, Pepper, in a tutu

Adoptable Dog, Pepper, in a tutu (Picture via Animal Action Rescue)

This month I made donations to two local animal rescues: Animal Action Rescue and Our Pal’s Place. I gave away the remaining tutus, bandanas, and bows I had to AAR. They use them in photos to draw interest to their adoptable pets. You can see Pepper (shown above) looking like a miniature ballerina in the tutu I made.

Memorial Pencil Dog Portrait

Pencil dog portrait

Kim, 9″ x 12″ graphite

Last October (2012), my best friend had to put her dog to sleep. Kim had a good, long life but it was her time to go. She was blind and deaf and had several other issues. The quality of life was not there any more. My husband and I were able to be there in the room to support my friend. So for her birthday I decided to surprise her with a portrait of Kim. She was so thankful for the gift and I was glad I could make this memorial for her.

Have you or someone you know experienced the loss of a pet? What helped you and how did you cope?

Our Tiny House

tiny house framing

My tiny house is part of my long term goals as an artist. I am simplifying my life and keeping my living expenses low so I can pursue my art full time. My husband is a full time photographer: Chris Golden Photography. So with both of us being self-employed, the tiny house just seemed like the perfect fit for us. It is mortgage free and we’re paying for everything in cash.

Blue, Red, and Yellow Bird on Slate

Blue bird, red bird, and yellow bird painted on slate roof

I got to do something a little different than what I usually do which is always fun. This client requested that I paint a blue, red, and yellow bird on his slate roof piece from a house. Specifically, they are a Bluebird, a Summer Tanager, and a Yellow Warbler. I chose my composition by moving around the images of the birds in Photoshop first.  I decided to use acrylic paint because it can be used on nearly any surface. I think the colors turned out to be vibrant against the grey slate background. The branches were completely made from my imagination. So, just keep in mind that I welcome unusual requests and do not be afraid to ask just because it is not listed on my website.