Cobb County Bully Breed Walk

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Cobb Count Bully Breed Walk February 2013
Chris and Melinda Golden with Cypress (in the red coat)

Part of being a pet portrait artist is being involved in the community. Creating art is typically a solitary activity so being able to get out and meet new people and dogs is wonderful. I have an English Bull Terrier named Cypress (like Spuds MacKenzie or the Target dog). I found out about the Bully Breed Walk through Stubby’s Heroes, a group of Pit Bull advocates.

So on a cold, windy, but sunny Sunday afternoon we got out and strutted our bullies at Wildwood Park. There was even a dachshund mix there. I also got to meet the owners of a dog treat business, Lose a Finger. So overall it was a good day, got to socialize and exercise.

Cobb County Bully Breed Walk

  • Stubby’s Heroes

    Thank you so much for sharing our walk info!!!