Mack (Working Class Dog)

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Mack the working class dog
Mack (Working Class Dog), 9″ x 12″ graphite

This portrait of Mack the English Bull Terrier is probably the most unique portrait I have done. His owner, John, requested that I replace the head of the bully in the Working Class Dog by Rick Springfield album cover with his dog. He also wanted his portrait in the photo sticking out of the pocket. Here is the original album cover:

Rick Springfield Working Class Dog Album Cover

So the first step in creating this portrait was doing a little Photoshop magic to switch the heads of the bullies and place John’s portrait on the photo. The key here is to use layer masks to hide what I don’t want to be seen. Here is how my reference photo looked:

Mack (Working Class Dog) Album

There is a story behind this portrait. In April 2012, my English Bull Terrier, Cypress, needed to have surgery to remove bladder stones. Her bladder was full of stones and surgery was the best option to get rid of them all. We noticed something was wrong when there was blood in her urine. We needed help paying for the surgery and vet visits, totaling near $1000. I started a ChipIn for her surgery and raised the money for her surgery thanks to the generosity of friends. John was one of the donors and this portrait was my token of gratitude. So, thank you John! And I appreciate everyone that helped us and I am glad I could give back.