Pet Portrait Website Updates and Newsletter

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This past week I have been dedicating a lot of time to finishing my website. I am sure there will be some tweaks along the way. One of the big things I got done was finish on my new prices for 2013.


I am excited to announce I finally have a store in addition to my order form. I almost went with a plugin that would integrate a store into my website. While that is great, my husband introduced me to Storenvy. I was really impressed with all it’s features and how easy it was to use so I jumped for it! I am glad I did. I hope you will like it too! So far it’s just for single pet portraits, but I may add double or triple portraits later.

And here is something that might interest you, I am offering a 10% discount to anyone that signs up for my newsletter.

That’s right! But hurry, this offer ends Feb. 28th, 2013. Why am I writing a newsletter?

  • I want to stay in touch with you and let you know everything that’s going on.
  • I want to include insightful and funny information about pets.
  • You can also find out how to connect with me by going to art shows or pet events I am involved in. I love meeting new people.

I hope you’ll love it and want to read it. That is my goal! It will be mailed out every first and third Wednesday of the month, starting in February.

But I know how getting e-mail can be quite drab these days. Getting a real, handwritten letter is refreshing in this digital age. That’s why if you include your mailing address, I’ll be sending you postcards and letters as well as an electronic newsletter. Keep in mind that it will be less frequent.

So now it’s your turn to talk. Please let me know what you think about my updated website!  Take a look at my shop. And consider signing up for my bi-weekly newsletter.  Comments are welcome.