Choosing a Photograph

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Choosing a photograph to be used for your portrait can be difficult. Let me say, I am here to HELP! Allow me to use my professional opinion on what would work and what doesn’t work. First and foremost, you want a high quality, large photograph if possible. Give me the details! You also want to choose photos that really show your pet’s personality.

Keep in mind, the photo and the portrait are NOT the same. Yes the portrait will have your pet’s likeness, but it is always somewhat idealized by the artist’s (me) caressing strokes. I want to make your pet look his or her’s best! The photo is just a resource.

Let’s go over some good and not so good examples:

Avoid camera phones

iPhones are great! Just not that great when it comes to photos. Especially in low light, camera phone pictures tend to be grainy and out of focus. If possible, use a digital camera.

Secret to great photos: lighting!

Now don’t you wish all of us could have great photos like this? My husband just happens to be a professional photographer, Chris Golden Photography. This photo is great for portraits because it is 1) well lit 2) in focus 3) large (pixel-wise) and 4) detailed.

Now of course if your pet has already passed over the rainbow bridge, you will have a limited selection of photos. I will work with you in your situation. I may suggest getting a pencil drawing because it easier to use my “artistic license.”

For more tips and information, please visit my Prices and Information page.