Why Watercolor is my Preferred Medium

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I remember when I took my first watercolor class at Kennesaw State University  I told the person next to me that I could see myself being a watercolor artist.  It has a lot of advantages.

Picture from http://www.squidoo.com/watercolor-paint-sets


-small tubes of paint, relatively cost the same as oils however

-a small dab of paint goes a long way

-the paint can dry on your palette and can still be reused

-dries quickly, can be sped up with hair dryer

-very clean, everything can be washed with water

-can be manipulated on paper even after drying

-no fumes, not as toxic as oils

-a very expressive medium because of its fluidity


-transparent, difficult to achieve opacity

-once put onto paper, it’s very hard to remove it completely

-takes a lot of skill to control

I really love this medium and would recommend everyone at least try to use it.  Of course the way that I use watercolor is very different from most other artists. I control my medium rather than letting it be expressive. I mostly use a “dry brush” technique for my watercolors where very little water is used. I treat my watercolors almost like my graphite drawings. I am “drawing” with the watercolor brush.