Why I Trace My Images

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Yes! I trace my images. My work is on paper making it easy. All I have to do is flip my LED monitor over, turn off the lights, and trace onto the paper. Here’s why I choose to trace rather than drawing it out:

1. Speed – time is money. I cannot waste time drawing out the portraits.

2. Accuracy – I know that all my proportions will be correct.

Obviously I know how to draw! I know other professional artists that use this TOOL  to speed up the process so they can get their paintings out faster. It should be a tool not a crutch. I wouldn’t recommend tracing if you are just starting out. Of course you need to get your basics down first.  Not everything is drawn out so I still have to use my skills to “flesh out” the painting or drawing. I am looking for the small nuances that take it over the top.